Work Flows & Approvals Management Software in Denver CO

Meet your work flow and approval needs for your growing business, with project-specific guidance, on-demand access to certified experts.

Don’t Let Poor Work Flow Processes Hinder Your Business

Many companies struggle with creating and maintaining excellent Work Flow and Approvals Management processes.  Whether it is onboarding a new employee, enrolling in or renewing benefits, approving time cards or time off, Paramount HCM has a great solution for you!

Don’t Let Your Business Grind to a Halt

Workflow and workflow management can be a challenge for small businesses.  When approval management responsibilities are left to one or two employees, a disruption in their days can lead to a disruption in your business. 

On the other hand, you cannot do away with approval workflow.  Doing so, would lead to employees wasting time, and costing your business money.

Workflow relies upon tasks being completed in a concise logical order.  Some of those tasks include approvals.  If the current process is not concise or logical, it means that work comes to a halt on that project, until someone approves it.  Let us help you design a workflow solution that best fits the needs of your business.

Workflow Approval with a Twist

At Paramount HCM, we specialize in offering personalized human capital management solutions to our clients in the Denver, Co area and beyond.

That means we can tailor a workflow management system that is right for your business. The three primary forms of workflow management we specialize in are:

Customized Approach

One way to prevent workflow stoppages, is to create a responsive approval management system.  We design responsive systems to avoid work delays or stoppages. 

We take several approaches to produce these results.  For example, our workflow management systems could include multiple approval options. Employees could select from several appointed individuals, to seek approval for a given project. 

A larger business may benefit from an approval management system that self-selects the necessary person for approval.  For example, it could contain conditional programming that sends an approval request to a second person if the original recipient fails to take action within a specified period.

Keep Your Workplace Running Smoothly

Keep your workplace running smoothly by using a workflow management system designed for your business. Contact us today to find out more.