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Stop Feeling Like a Babysitter

If you are having to track your employees’ hours and attendance the ‘old-fashioned way’, you probably feel like a babysitter.

You must be aware of when each employee arrives (early or late), leaves (early or stays past the scheduled time), and even track absences and tardiness, in a way that is unbiased.

If you or they forget, you have to rely on your or your supervisor’s and your employee’s memories, to fill in the missing information.

Is that really the best way to run your business? It doesn’t have to work like that!

Denver, CO-based Paramount HCM has some of the most sophisticated time & attendance solutions available, that can simplify your tracking process.

Why Track Employee Attendance?

It may seem like common-sense to some, but you track employee attendance to pay your employees accurately.

Some businesses rely on employees to self-report their hours worked. That may work for some, however that doesn’t make it wise.  You could be inviting time theft or even a wage and hour claim down the road. 

Implementing a simple, yet robust, time and attendance system for employees, helps you avoid the headaches, complications, and potential future litigation.  Let us help you simplify your processes and leave you free to focus on running and growing your business.

Why Track Employee Time?

Tracking employee time can be very helpful for your business. Time and attendance systems help you see how much time employees are spending on tasks. This can help you with accurate client or project billing. This can also help you streamline burdensome processes that are needlessly wasting time.

Time & attendance solutions allow you to:

How Can I Tell If Employee Attendance Is a Problem?

In any business, tracking employee’s hours can be a problem.  Implementing a time and attendance system, is an excellent first step to determining an employee’s actual hours.

However, there are some drawbacks to the old-fashioned time clock.  First, you still have to calculate total hours worked, even though the employee is “punching in” and “punching out.”

Second, employees can get coworkers to clock in for them, even when they are not physically present.  A biometric attendance system prevents this type of dishonesty.

What Is Biometric Attendance Software?

Biometric attendance software uses fingerprints to check employees in and out of the workplace.  Because they require the individual to be present, they eliminate the chance of employee dishonesty.

Ready to Stop Babysitting?

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