Payroll Services For Small & Medium Business in Denver CO

Simple Payroll Entry makes it incredibly easy to enter hours worked and submit payroll from anywhere, at any time.

Save Time, Money, and Maybe Your Sanity with Paramount HCM’s Payroll Services

Processing payroll can be a nightmare for many business owners. Even if you have access to excellent payroll software, you might not have the skills or knowledge to use it correctly.

Paramount HCM Is Here to Help

Payroll HCM is a Human Capital Management firm offering services in the Denver, CO area.

We offer affordable payroll solutions for small businesses. 

Payroll Services

We provide payroll services.  That means, that we make sure that your employees get paid…

We also correctly handle all Federal, State and Local tax deposits and filings for your company!

Benefits of Outsourcing

Are you wondering what payroll outsourcing services can do for your company? Payroll outsourcing services such as Paramount HCM, do more for you than just handle payroll.

We save you time.  We are payroll experts.  We can process payroll faster and more efficiently. That means we can take a task that might take many employee hours to complete, and have it handled more quickly.

Saving you time means we save you money.  How much revenue does processing payroll in-house generate?  ZERO!  It never has, nor will it ever generate revenue for your business.  So why would you pay one of your top talent employees to spend their time on high-risk non-revenue generating tasks?

Let Paramount HCM handle the high-risk non-revenue generating tasks such as payroll, and let your top talent focus on more productive work, like helping grow your business.

Paramount HCM’s expert payroll services, provides you the right amount of help, for your business’s size and needs.

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