Human Resource Outsourcing For Businesses in Denver CO

Tiered Human Resources Support for Any Size Organization Meet HR needs for your growing business with project-specific guidance, on-demand access to certified experts, or even fully outsourced HR.

Three HR Service Tiers for Companies of All Sizes

Which tier is right for your business?

If you have…

Limited HR needs and resources

Limited in-house knowledge of
best practices and state and
federal labor laws

Limited HR needs and resources

…but you need…

Access to up-to-date compliance information and tools to cut down on time-intensive tasks

Tactical support and
information on a full range
of HR topics

Access to up-to-date compliance information and tools to cut down on time-intensive tasks

…the best solution for
your business is…

Tier 1: HR Online Library for Basic Compliance

Tier 2: HR Online Library for
Basic Compliance plus the
HR Hotline for On-Call Service

Tier 3: Fully Outsourced HR for
a Complete, Remote HR Team

Also available from Paramount HCM:

Payroll Administration

Payroll Administration

Paramount HCM’s Payroll Administration services allow you to outsource your Payroll department. We will administer your payroll processes, maintain company and employee payroll data, process your payroll, make all payroll tax deposits and filings, and provide reports for you to access and download.

Benefits Administration

Benefits Administration

Paramount HCM’s Benefits Administration services allow you to outsource your Benefits department. This includes communicating benefit information to newly eligible employees, collecting their enrollment information, enrolling or removing employees with the
benefit carrier sites, and communicating with the payroll team to ensure applicable deductions occur.

HR Resource Online Library

HR Online Library for Basic Compliance

Utilize the award-winning HR Online Library for a low-cost compliance solution. Time-saving interactive tools, templates, and information will optimize your existing human resources team’s impact. 

Resource Library

Resource Library

The easy-to-use and extensive Resource Library covers everything from health care reform to state employment laws. With information maintained by a team of staff attorneys who are experts in federal and state HR laws, you can rest assured you are
learning from trusted sources.

Interactive HR Apps

The interactive resources include a custom job description builder, salary benchmarking, an HR self-assessment tool, and resources for interviews, performance measurement, and more. These tools lower your back-office costs while helping you focus on building a stellar team.

Interactive HR Apps
Comprehensive Knowledge Base

Up-to-Date and Comprehensive Knowledge Base

Designed for HR professionals with basic knowledge of federal and state labor laws, the HR Online Library is regularly updated as new laws, regulation, and guidance changes. Continuing education is included to keep you up-to-date, and self-assessments help you stay on track with important knowledge.

Time-Saving Solution

With access to the HR Online Library, you have the resources you need to make informed decisions and quickly execute on necessary HR tasks.

Time Saving Solution

HR Online Library and HR Hotline for On-Call Service

The HR Hotline, staffed by a team of fully certified professionals, provides live support on a range of topics essential to a growing business.

Essential HR Support for Businesses

Paramount HCM’s Tier 2 HR is best for companies that need additional support for best practices and compliance with state and federal laws. The combination of the HR Online Library and access to the HR Hotline ensures that businesses have access to crucial HR resources and knowledge, as well as personalized support.

Make Informed Decisions

Through the HR Online Library and HR Hotline, employers can source information on topics relating to benefits, health care reform, discipline and termination, and more to make decisions consistent with already-established policies and procedures, as well as decisions that take into account any changes in legislation.

Learn from Trusted Experts

The content in the HR Online Library and the information provided by the HR Hotline is sourced and vetted by HR professionals and legal experts. The HR Hotline is staffed by a team of fully certified professionals, with specialized training and education to provide case-by-case guidance and resources.

Access to the Most Current Information

The HR Online Library is regularly updated as new laws, regulation, and guidance changes. Customers can also rest assured that the HR professionals at the HR Hotline are fully informed on the most recent changes.

Stop Being Your Own Human Resources Department

Most small businesses handle their own human resources.  Hiring, firing, training, directing, managing employee records as well as employee disputes; all HR services and compliancefall on you.

When you are a business owner and have only a few employees, handling your own HR may be manageable, but that doesn’t make it worth your time or wise.  As your business grows, so does the complexity of managing and handling HR correctly. That is why you always need Paramount HCM on your team.

Paramount HCM: Handling Human Capital Is What We Do

We are a Human Resource Outsourcing Company servicing the Denver, CO area. Our HR Outsourcing Services include:

Human Resources Challenges

HR Administration involves more than the technical details.  It also requires managing humans.  The larger your company, the more likely you will encounter challenges that will require innovative HR solutions. 

These problems may include employee injuries, how to staff positions while employees are on protected leave, or dealing with allegations of harassment.  HR Experts help you find solutions that are right for you and your employees. 

There are two HR solutions for small business:

Developing an in-house HR department sounds appealing to business owners who want to retain complete control over all business functions.  However, there are real benefits to HR Outsourcing Providers.

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