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Fully Outsourced HR

Fully Outsourced HR for a Complete, Remote HR Team

Completely outsource your HR functions with Paramount HCM’s turnkey solution – available at a fraction of the cost of hiring an internal HR team.
Save the time and cost of building a back-office HR function in order to focus your energy on growth.

Support for Entire Employee Lifecycle

With Paramount HCM’s 3 Tier HR solution, your remote HR team will support your employees from onboarding to separation. Your outsourced HR personnel are more than just consultants; they are your very own remote HR staff capable of handling a broad range of HR functions.

Dedicated Team

Paramount HCM assigns a dedicated Account Manager and Project Management team to help you develop best practices and processes, provide guidance on complex HR topics, and communicate ongoing critical compliance information.

Personalized Support for Your Strategic Initiatives

Leverage your remote HR team’s expertise to complete essential projects, whether it is the creation of handbooks, salary benchmarks, job descriptions, or any other critical HR deliverable.

Incredible Cost Savings

On average, businesses that outsource their HR functions save 28% over the cost of hiring a fulltime in-house HR staff. Businesses can free up cash flow for essential product and service development, marketing, and sales.

Outsourced Payroll and Benefits Administration

Outsource the two most critical (and time-consuming) Human Resources functions, so you can spend your time where it matters most – servicing your clients and customers and growing your business.

Payroll Administration

Maintenance of Employee Data

Paramount HCM HELPS maintain employee data, including entering new employees into the payroll system and making requested adjustments, such as an address changes, direct deposits, tax withholding updates, etc.

Payroll Processing

We set up necessary supervisory approvals for timecards and PTO, you commit timecards, and make any one-time changes that need to be updated (e.g. adding bonuses, retroactive adjustments, etc.). Once you approve your payroll, Paramount HCM approves and processes your payroll, deposits and files all of your Federal, State and Local taxes, and then provides all needed and desired post-payroll reports.

Fully Managed Payroll System

As your payroll administrator, Paramount HCM stores all payroll data which you can access anytime.

Trusted, Expert Partner

Paramount HCM’s HR Services ensure full compliance with Department of Labor laws. Additionally, as your partner, Paramount HCM provides best practice guidance to you, regarding payroll, HR, and employee matters.

Benefits Administration

Effective Communication with Employees and Brokers

Paramount HCM communicates benefit and enrollment information to newly eligible employees. Additionally, Paramount HCM will help coordinate your open enrollment process with your broker and monitor employee enrollment.

Employee Enrollment

We collect employees’ enrollments through either an Employee Self Service site or through paper forms. We ensure enrollment data is transmitted into the system and will collect paper forms and enter them manually if necessary.

Liaison for Payroll

Paramount HCM withholds all applicable Payroll deductions to ensure employees are contributing correctly to all premiums or corresponding deductions.

Extensive Benefits Support

Paramount HCM Benefits Administration program includes additional valuable services such as handling benefit reconciliations, distributing required plan notices, and assisting employees with benefits questions or issues. Also, as your partner, Paramount HCM provides best practice guidance to you, regarding benefit matters.

Protect Your Company’s Largest Asset

When you think of business assets, what comes to mind?

Many people think of buildings, inventory, and property.  They do not think of their employees.

However, human capital makes up the bulk of the assets for many businesses.

Protecting your human capital protects your business.

Not sure how to do that?  Paramount HCM can help you.

Who Is Paramount HCM?

Paramount HCM is a human capital management company. We are based in Denver, CO.

Are you looking to outsource?

We are your one-stop shop. We offer comprehensive human capital management services.

What Is Human Capital?

Human capital also includes the sum of what your employees add to your company, including their…

It also includes their…

Human capital management impacts a business’ culture.  Culture helps impact the business’ success, direction and its impact in their market and ultimately its profitability.

What Is Human Capital Planning?

Human capital planning is a broad term.

It includes all of the ways that a business interacts with its employees.

Human capital has three main components:

Human Capital Management solutions include:

How Can Human Capital Management Companies Help Your Business?

A human capital management consultant begins by analyzing your business. 

By better understanding your business, we can best make recommendations as to how to help you solve your biggest challenges. 

Then, Paramount HCM develops a customized human capital management solution.  Because each business is unique, so is the solution.  That’s what makes Paramount HCM so good!

Protect Your Most Valuable Assets (Your Business and Its Employees)

If you want to:

Contact us, so that we can set up a comprehensive solution for your business, and help protect your most valuable assets.